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We Are Serious About This.



For over 6 years we have been the go to site for television producers, event planners, bachelors, brides, grooms and any other fun-loving person looking for little people to join their event or television show.  Chances are you have seen many of our guys on your favorite TV shows and on the big screen.  While we do our share of the Hollywood stuff, we love to come out to pull a prank on your buddy, host a bachelor party, or add a little something extra to your party.

Our Mission

Customer Service.  You will ALWAYS be in contact with a live person.  We will never rely only on electronic contact.  If there's a problem, a question, a concern, you can call anytime and speak to the same person everytime.  We strive to make your event, promotion, prank or whatever, as worry free as possible.  We will always be there to answer your questions anytime.  We take very seriously constant contact with the customer.  We believe in taking care of the customer.  That is our mission and our promise.


Call Me - 951.515.9743

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